How to be a Good Writer (10 personal tips)

  1. Read consistently and deeply

How you read directly affects your writing. Make sure to make reading your priority and do it as a routine. Don’t get obsessed with just reading paper books or just reading online. Be more flexible, so that you can do it regularly no matter what the time is or where you are.

The elements that increase reading productivity differ from one person to another or it can depend on your mood. Personally, I prefer to get rid of my mobile phone as a distraction and read in my cozy home office. Small environments considerably increase my attention span and help me stay focused on what I am reading.

While some people reject the idea of listening to music, I go for it depending on my mood. Whenever I find it difficult to sit down and read a blog or a few pages of a book, a piece of instrumental or classical music can be so inspiring. Vocal music doesn’t work for me, but it may be effective for some.

2. Keep your reading focused on one specific topic

Don’t strive to be a know-it-all. Don’t resist having a specialty as a writer. Narrow down your topic choices for reading to make sure to be an expert writer in a single field in the near future. If you aspire to be a marketing guru, then businesses and brands must know your exact area of expertise to be able to work or partner with you.

3. Provide a reading list for yourself

To be more effective at planning and organizing, make a read-it-later list to make sure not to miss a certain blog or book. When you are reading a blog online, there may be some links or expressions that you need to get more deeply into at a later time. This list assures you everything is under your control!

4. Write Every Day. Even if it’s only a single paragraph. …

Practice makes perfect. If you are following your interest, then you are less likely to give up in the middle. I assure you that your talent keeps growing as you move forward and write every day. If you are a total beginner, start from writing about your daily experiences or deep feelings and make them into short stories. It’s really helpful in making you ease your fears of putting words into a paper or on a computer.

5. Refresh your mind

Keep yourself motivated and your mind fresh by taking care of your physical and mental health. I am a number one fan of meditation. I devote 10 to 20 minutes of my time every day to just sitting down in a quiet environment, closing my eyes and thinking about nothing. This approach largely improves my focus, promotes my problem-solving skills and inspires my creativity. If you can’t find the right place at the right time, be more flexible and do it whenever you feel like doing it, even out in the noisy streets! Believe me! I sometimes stop when I’m walking in the streets and try to pay attention to my surroundings without judging anything. Even this can be a form of meditation for me.

What is more, not only does exercise improve your physical well-being but also boosts your brain function by bringing you into the present moment and turning off your accumulated negative thoughts. Don’t invent an excuse! Walking is also real exercise as it opens up a free flow of ideas.

6. Write simply

Avoid using jargon. Do you know what jargon means in the first place? I bet many of you don’t. So, check it out in Longman Dictionary.

Do you see how frustrating it is to look for words in a dictionary frequently when you are reading a piece of text? So, try to write in simple words and terms and not to use obscure words in order to attract more people to your page. If you are writing in the English language, do it in a way that those with a little English language knowledge can grasp the whole story effortlessly.

Be more human and write more user-friendly. Use common idioms to make your texts more user-friendly and give them more power, but do not misuse them.

7. Use synonyms instead of stuffing

It is said that keyword stuffing to improve your SEO rank is now an awkward and cheap idea. Imagine you are coming across the same word several times in a single text. If it were me, I would decide to skip the rest and not to even look at other articles of a certain writer or website. This approach can increase bounce rates and drive your would-be customers away.

Job synonyms

To improve user experience, try to use synonyms instead of repeated keywords. Make sure that your content is written for a human audience, not a robot. However, be careful not to choose irrelevant synonyms and pay attention to your context.

8. Have others edit your work

In the early stages of your writing journey, try to ask an editor to check your draft so that you can get more insights into your weak points. You can even ask your peers for advice. Evaluate others’ suggestions and apply them to improve the structure and tone of your texts and never forget to do a self-edit before submitting your finished piece.

9. Use tangible examples

Examples, especially real-life ones, can make your audience relate to you or your text easily. Include them in your texts to:

· add value to your writing

· back up your statements

· make your writing style more understandable

10. Use visual contents

The visual nature of human brain testifies to the importance of using photos or videos in your piece. Humans process images much faster and retain them in their memory much longer than audio or written contents. So, if you want to fulfill the purpose of educating, inspiring or entertaining your target audience, take advantage of this human feature to increase engagement and drive more traffic.




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George D Harrison

George D Harrison

Social Media Marketing Specialist — Writer —

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