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Top 5 Fashion Businesses on Social Media

Social media is home to 77 percent of all business around the globe. Have you ever wondered what makes some business tick among millions of other businesses on Social media? What strategies they use that make them stand out? In this article, I want to showcase 5 of the best-selling brands in the fashion industry: Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Prada Group and Chanel (the brands are sorted based on their annual sales). We will take a look at their social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to see what they do differently than others and then compare them with each other.

A quick look:

I took a look at these businesses on social media and wrote down the number of their followers on each platform. Here is the result:

First, I want to calculate the total number of the followers of each brand on all the five social media, and sort them respectively:

Chanel: 81m followers totally

Louis Vuitton: 63m followers totally

Gucci: 58m followers totally

Prada: 28m followers totally

Hermes: 13m followers totally

As you see, there is a considerable difference between the number of their followers. The Instagram pages of all these brands have a higher number of followers than the other social media platforms. It is most likely because Instagram itself is doing a great job in getting people engaged with the Instagram content. So, of the other four platforms, I chose Facebook to examine. Because it is older, more official and it is easier to see what they have done there.

Now let’s take a look at their Facebook pages to see what they do differently than each other.


Louis Vuitton

Among businesses on social media, LV is doing a great job. The strength point of LV is their videos. They make high-quality videos to increase engagement. Another thing I noticed on their page is that they don’t hesitate to present their new ideas and designs, even if the new ideas are not welcomed by their fans. They try to get their fans engaged using this method.


Chanel takes advantage of photography techniques to build a stand-out Facebook page. As you see, they have a great way of storytelling combined with unique visuals that can catch the eye and attention of the visitor. The art of photography plays an essential role in their content and is so vital to businesses on social media.


What makes Gucci different is that they always have a look at the old fashioned styles. Though, they don’t quite have a reliable method for story-telling. Most of their content revolves around the introduction of their products and are mostly promotional.


Prada uses a lot of color in their posts and does not work much on the storytelling of the matter. Most of their photos and videos are about products, and they have their fans.


Like LV, Hermes’s focus is on videos which are mostly promotional. Their videos are very creative and engaging, and they sometimes post user-generated content, which helps the user engagement enhance to a high degree.


As we saw, each of these brands is working differently on Facebook and other social media and consequently bring about different results to their growth. What I noticed most is that the art of story-telling and photography play vital roles in creating engaging content. Another key factor to these businesses is that they let the user involve in their story by asking them to create their content about the brand. You can go and visit their other social media pages and come to a more accurate conclusion, which will be a great experience if you are about to start a business on Social media.




Social Media Marketing Specialist — Writer — george1988dh@gmail.com

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George D Harrison

George D Harrison

Social Media Marketing Specialist — Writer — george1988dh@gmail.com

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