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Top social media platforms in 2019

It doesn’t matter who you are a businessman or a marketer. It will be useful if you have complete information about top social media platforms worldwide, this knowledge will help you to choose the right platform that fits your business the most.

It is not always about how big and popular a platform is, it’s about being the one that provides your brand’s need. There are some questions that you should ask to recognize the right one.

Is that platform related to your niche?

Who is your target audience?

What is their interest?

Do your brand’s target audiences use that platform?

Based on these simple questions and brief information about top social media platforms which you will read in this article, you can find your answer.


You know, I was thinking to write this blog in a different way in comparison with other blogs and not to mention Facebook in the top, but it’s not possible. Facebook, with more than 2 billion users is still on the top. If you are searching for one secure, and complete featured platform, Facebook is the one that will satisfy you. It’s a suitable place to share and see photos, updates, and general news …


One professional platform for video lovers. YouTube, with more than 1.9 billion monthly active users, can easily entertain people to watch funny, musical, scientific videos for hours… because of the owner of YouTube (Google) it is also known as second largest search engine…you can also advertise your brand by making some helpful videos about your activity and share it in your YouTube channel.


WhatsApp is a texting application which owns by Facebook. People spent their time to communicate with their friends and family. But after a while, WhatsApp added some new features that allowed business people to join in. Now they can share their products through WhatsApp story and interact with their customers.


WeChat’s name shows the primary usage of this application, the same as WhatsApp, but it is not just a texting and calling platform anymore. There are lots of extra features, such as online shopping, transferring money, booking taxis….

WeChat is most prevalent in China and a part of Asia, so you can use it if you are there to handle a business.


Instagram has over 1bilion active users per month that people can share their videos and photos from both the website and application version. Instagram has released some extra features which drive more traffic to it. IGTV is the one that gives users the option to load long videos.

Instagram’s business account will give you extra options to manage your business better. You can schedule your posts through third-party apps.


Reddit is a platform where give users the chance to share information by submitting questions, links, and photos. You can help people by answering their questions or vote them, whether it’s positive(up) or negative(down).

Reddit is a platform with over 330 million users per month. It’s a safe platform to manage a business and advertise. Join the subreddits that are related to your brand and be the part of it.

To sum up

These are the top platforms and applications that are popular all over the world. There are a lot of platforms like the ones that I mentioned, and it’s your choice to pick the platform that your target audience is active on that. Try to choose the one that supports a large number of interests and flavors. In this case, it will be easy for your brand to be known.




Social Media Marketing Specialist — Writer — george1988dh@gmail.com

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George D Harrison

George D Harrison

Social Media Marketing Specialist — Writer — george1988dh@gmail.com

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