Why did my direct messages disappear on Instagram?

Instagram is the most used social media these days, and many people enjoy spending time on it. Happily, it has been adding new features every other month, but sometimes it makes its users sad by having some bugs. You can read Bugs and Fixes if you want to know how to fix other bugs too.

You can go to InoSocial.com and search for any bugs or problems you have on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Many people and businesses are using Instagram for different reasons such as having fun, learning, advertising, marketing, etc. that they don’t expect to face any problem on it.

Unfortunately, Instagram users have noticed that their direct messages have disappeared lately, and they are looking for its reason and also looking for a way to fix it.

Why my Instagram direct messages disappeared?

There are several reasons which might cause a direct message to disappear. You may have experienced the moment that you wanted to check your old Instagram direct messages or when you were in the middle of a chat but suddenly the messages disappeared!

Here are some possible ways that cause Instagram direct messages to be disappeared:

· The person who you are chatting with may have blocked you

One of the reasons that cause direct messages disappear, is blocking. When someone blocks you on Instagram, all the conversation between you will disappear automatically. Also, if someone blocks you on Instagram, you can’t see their account in Search too.

· The person you are chatting with may have unsent the message

Sometimes it would happen that you are chatting with someone and they regret about sending the message, or they may have sent it wrong, so they can easily unsent their messages. You can do the same with someone that you are chatting with too.

· Something may get wrong with your Internet connection

Internet connection problem has always made some problems not only for Instagram users but also for all the social media users. Sometimes I see a message notification on top of cellphone, but when I tap on it, there is nothing to see! Then I have to refresh my Instagram direct message page to see the received messages.

· They might have deactivated their Instagram account

It is not surprising if an Instagram user decides to deactivate their account temporarily or permanently. So that’s another reason for disappearing Instagram direct messages. You won’t see someone’s profile and direct messages if they have deactivated their account.

· They are not in your following list

You would get a direct message from someone who is not following you, and you would get the notification and see the message on your notification bar, but when you check your direct message page, you won’t see the message! Then you should check your “message requests” to see the message. Now you have the choice to “accept” or “decline.”

Note: “accepting” doesn’t mean that you are following them or vice versa. If you tap on the “accept” option, it means that you have accepted to chat with them.

Any of the problem mentioned above is possible if you don’t see direct messages on Instagram. You should just check to know which of them has happened to you. If your direct messages have disappeared because of an internet connection problem or because of the person who is not in your follower list, you still have the chance to read the message, but if the sender has unsent the message or they have deactivated their account, unfortunately, there is no way to see the messages.




Social Media Marketing Specialist — Writer — george1988dh@gmail.com

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George D Harrison

George D Harrison

Social Media Marketing Specialist — Writer — george1988dh@gmail.com

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